Goodbye May, Hello Summer

The last day of May has arrived and here in Aberdeen it is feeling particularly summery. It’s been a funny old month for me personally, professionally and in my blogging life. I feel like I’ve packed a year’s worth of ups and downs into one month and I will be glad to see the back of it in a lot if ways.

Looking forward to June there are a few things that are happening for me and the world in general that I want to share some thoughts on.

June is my birthday month, on the 7th I’ll turn 26. In my current mental state my birthday is filling me with dread rather than excitement, not least of all because I have no plans to do anything to mark the occasion having accepted the fact that everyone will be too busy etc and it’ll just be a massive flop. I know part of this is my mental health but also partly from my experience of trying to organise any kind of party or social gathering over the past couple of years.

Next week Britain goes to the polls again. This time it’s a General Election and hopefully we will be saying goodbye to May in another sense. I know it’s a really slim chance but we have to hope that people will actually show up and make it known that we’re not happy with the status quo. The big concern is that many Scots won’t see the bigger picture and continue to vote SNP in this election which will hamper Labour’s chances of any kind of majority. Watch this space.

The most important event in June is Orange Is The New Black Day which this year falls on the 9th. If like me you have already booked the day off work to binge watch prepare to be shook. I’ve read some of the media relating to it and I’m unsure about the way they have planned this season – it sounds like we will definitely be left wanting more ASAP – but it will also be a binge watch dream.

On my blog in June you can expect lots of body positive content, a couple of period positive posts and I have a fitness post planned. I won’t be posting daily. Hallelujah! I haven’t quite figured out my schedule yet but I know I won’t be posting again until the 4th.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are most looking forward to in June.

V ❤ 

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32 thoughts on “Goodbye May, Hello Summer

  1. Rebecca Claire says:

    Massively hoping we say goodbye to May in the other sense too! It’d be a massive shame if Green and SNP voters stop Labour from winning majority and we end up with a Tory gov once again… I’m literally praying to JC for mercy.

    May was a difficult month for you though and I’m glad to see the other side of it for you as well! Really hoping June treats you better and you have a nice relaxed birthday even if you don’t have plans. Send me your address please 😉

    Rebecca, xo


  2. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday for the 7th! It’s mine on 1st June and I’m not keen on them either! I always follow three rules to make them better and I always spend them on my own, I don’t bother trying to organise parties and get togethers, for the same reason you give. I just completely indulge myself on the day- if I want a bubble bath in the middle of the day I’ll have one! And I always have champagne for breakfast as well! Hope you manage to get through it okay. I must admit I’m unsure who to vote for this year.


  3. hannahinternational says:

    June is going to be pretty pivotal, both in politics and OITNB! Well, here’s hoping it will be anyway. I’m 100% ready for June to be the end of May, if you’ll forgive me for using the over-used but so perfectly perfect unofficial campaign saying!
    Hope this month picks up for you. Enjoy your birthday! xx



  4. Charlotte says:

    June for me looks pretty much like work work work work work haha I am looking forward to seeing your body positive content! Lord knows I need to surround myself with it at the moment


  5. amymeganevans says:

    I’m a June baby too! I can totally relate to worrying about plans, I hate it so tend to get away with just my husband nowadays to avoid the stress of arranging something. I’m quite excited for the election result and I’m so exciting for O.I.T.N.B!

    The election day is an exciting day for me as I’m finding out my baby’s gender, so that’s what I’m looking forward to at the moment!

    Amy –


  6. jennyinneverland says:

    Great post and I was thrilled to see the back of May to be honest! I’m not a fan of heat (that’s putting it lightly!) so I’m not looking forward to it getting hotter. June was my boyfriend’s birthday month and he was also dreading it! But we had a nice weekend (: I don’t ever do anything for my birthday any more either. I just hate my own birthday. I love celebrating other people’s and spoiling them and arranging for us to do things but when it’s mine I’m like NOPE I WANNA SIT AT HOME ALL DAY AND DO NOTHING THAT’LL BE PERFECT hahaha. I’m halfway through Orange is the New Black as well – have you started it yet? I’m not loving it as much as the previous seasons, I have to say but it’s still brilliant because it never won’t be! My gosh this was a long comment, we have a lot in common this month! Election was a nightmare too, wasn’t it? xo


  7. Joanna says:

    Happy birthday! June is my birthday month as well! I’ll be 30th on the 16. 🙂
    I feel you with Orange is the New Black. Guess what I did this weekend? Haha 🙂


  8. braveagencyuk says:

    To me, the best part of getting into June is the E3, followed by the fact that we are so close to the next season of Game of Thrones!


  9. Sarah Bailey says:

    The election was hmm, I feel very unstable about it all.. It’s not a great place to be in I don’t think.

    It sounds like you have a great month ahead on your blog! Looking forward to getting to read your posts!


  10. fussfreejen says:

    I hope you had a nice birthday. It was my husband’s 40th recently too, which we celebrated in a quiet fashion. I’ll not mention politics, as I feel this is probably a sore point. I’ve kind of put my blinkers on with all that at the moment.
    June is ticking along, as it does. Lots going on, some of it slightly difficult, but my car passed its MOT and the sun is out. Not so bad. Hope you enjoy the rest of the month.


  11. everinmay says:

    so sorry to hear about your birthday plans, can I suggest something?

    This happened to me after my breakdown and each time I felt so down about not being able to organise something so I decided to just treat myself to the perfect day doing the things I enjoyed, a lovely lie in, a nice breakfast, a pamper day and then a nice meal in the evening with a few loved ones (or one year a takeaway and a box set for myself)

    Might not be your thing but just celebrating me made me feel so much better about everything and it’s a good way to start relying on yourself for positive reasons 🙂

    This month I’ve been planning some family trips so I am really excited for those!


    • sirvikalot says:

      Sounds like a perfect day. I was working on my birthday then went for a walk with a friend in the evening. It was actually OK.
      My parents are going to be visiting later in the month and taking me for lunch.
      V ❤️


  12. Jess says:

    Reading this post in retrospect – ‘Hopefully we’ll be saying goodbye to May in another sense’ – oh if only! I generally feel the same way about holidays as you after last year’s let down. Try to put some time aside for selfcare at least though.


  13. My Dreamality says:

    Oh, June. I was looking forward to a bit more summer in my life, but the NW of England is still quite dreary. I was also looking forward to OITNB but decided to pace myself as I watch other series’ with my husband and I like saving OITNB for the days when I need some time to an R&R session. x


  14. jenni says:

    I have just finished the last episode of Orange is the New Back! I want to know what happens :(. You should do something for your birthday, even if its just one or two friends coming over for take away and tv 🙂 and cake… I hope you have a lovely day with whatever you do!


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