Progress Not Perfection – Self Care Goals

Today I did a scary thing, tomorrow’s blog post will be all about it, but having that hanging over me for a while among other things has made this month a bit of a write-off. I know what you’re thinking, I’ve blogged every day, held down my job, looked after my crazy elderly kitty and you’re right. But that doesn’t mean that other areas of my life haven’t suffered as a result.

I’ve been terrible at self care in the most basic sense like eating healthily, drinking enough water and getting enough good sleep. I’ve missed three of my closest friends’ birthdays – Tamzin, Cat and Kirsty if you read this I’m really sorry – and if you’ve been waiting on a reply from me on Facebook messenger you’re still waiting but as I’ve done the scary thing now and going forward it’s just a waiting game I figured now is as good a time as any to create an action plan for the next week/month.

  1. Drink 2l (or there about) of water a day. This one should be achievable especially now the weather is getting warmer but sometimes I forget to drink anything until lunchtime when I’m exhausted/anxious.
  2. Eat 3 meals a day. Usually I’ve still been managing this but for example today I didn’t eat anything from breakfast until 4.30pm and then squeezed in my 3rd meal at 8.30pm.
  3. Get in to a bed time routine. It’s not very exciting or sexy but tossing and turning then eventually falling asleep to Seth MacFarlane and co’s dulcet tones at 1am is not conducive to a productive day.
  4. Spend an hour every evening doing something not related to internet/blogging. This one may be a challenge especially as I’m at work all day so my evening is full of writing blog posts, reading and commenting on others’ posts, tweeting, scheduling tweets etc etc BUT I think it’s really important to have some genuine downtime.
  5. Do a 30 minute clean every day. Like most people when my mental health is rubbish my flat becomes an absolute disgrace. I found a really great “quick clean guide” on YouTube by chance that I will be sharing on the blog within the next few days and it’s really motivated me to be proactive.

I will do an update next month on how I am getting on. The most important ones but probably the most difficult will be the sleep and relaxation. Fingers crossed I will have good news.

Do you have any self care goals at the moment? If not, would you consider setting some? Let me know in the comments.

V ❤

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4 thoughts on “Progress Not Perfection – Self Care Goals

  1. Rebecca Claire says:

    Drinking 2L of water a day can be really difficult and I never did it UNTIL I found a bottle that makes me want to drink and drink and drink. That’s the key! Find one with a straw lid that makes you gulp instead of sip and you’ll find you hitting that goal in no time.
    A quick clean every night is also something I still to and trust me, it reduces the whole hassle of stressing about cleaning SO MUCH.
    Best of luck with these, it’s great you’ve put together a nice simple action plan 🙂

    Rebecca, xo


    • sirvikalot says:

      It’s one of those things that I do for a while then I just get bored of it. I just find it makes me really hungry and pee a lot but it’s an easy thing to tick off for a month or so. 😂

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  2. hannahinternational says:

    I try to set vague goals, but I don’t like to do anything too concrete because if I don’t meet them I get stressed, and that’s completely counter-productive! But I also need to drink more water, eat better food (read: cook my own food) and stay up-to-date with my dishes! My place is a state right now!



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