Surviving The First Week Back

This week I went back to work after my “staycation” and what a shock to the system it’s been. At this time of year a lot of you will be going on holiday and then have the horror of the first week back so here are a few tips to make the transition easier.

Note – this is a do as I say not as I do situation because I’ve been a disaster this week. My inbox is still a mess, I’m over committed due to this blogging everyday in May challenge, and due to this stress/new and exciting anxiety symptoms my head is all over the place and my to do list keeps growing.

Get organised for the week ahead the day before you go back. I didn’t do too badly at this one. I did laundry and made a pot of soup that would do 4 lunches meaning I could go out for lunch on the Friday or take something else. I probably should have done better and arranged dinner as well because I’ve ended up having cereal for dinner twice and beans on toast another night because I’m not getting home until late and I’m WIPED.

Clear your emails as soon as you get into the office – Have a quick skim read of each email, marking it as read and flagging those ones you need to action. Often there are a lot of junk emails clogging up your inbox and making it look more overwhelming than it is.

Catch up with colleagues on anything you may have missed early on in the day. This saves you having last minute things landed on you and can help you plan your tasks for the day/week ahead.

Be kind to yourself – It’s not possible to catch up on a week or two’s worth of work in a couple days so don’t expect yourself to.

Keep your first week light on social commitments – Planning a couple of things to look forward to is always nice but don’t over commit. I’ve been so tired this week that I’ve had to cancel some of the few plans I had. I had planned a couple of gym sessions including my usual social one with my gym buddy Megan, however my body (and mind) were just not up to it.

Most importantly try to enjoy it. You’re back refreshed (in theory), have hopefully had a chance to de-stress and perhaps come up with some new ideas or better ways to do things. If your week back is really terrible, at least it’s not long until the weekend.

V ❤


4 thoughts on “Surviving The First Week Back

  1. Sarah Athow-Frost says:

    Some great tips here- especially the one about email, which can just drain your energy before you even start on the proper work! I’ve just gone back to work after some leave as well and I was really struggling to get my head back in the game!


  2. Rebecca Claire says:

    I’ll keep these in mind when I finally have some time off work! Ive not used any holiday since Christmas but ive book some time off next month and im looking forward to it a lot.

    Rebecca, xo


  3. hannahinternational says:

    Last week was my first week back after 5-day break and MAN it was tough! For both me and the kids. They didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want to be there; a great recipe for a lovely week…not!
    At least next time you’ll know what to do to make it easier for yourself! Hope this week goes a little better for you!



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