Serena Williams Is Having A Baby And I Couldn’t Be Happier

So I’m writing this post to clear a few things up. Since the news broke that Serena Williams is going to be a mum in the very near future I’ve been asked the following question a lot: “Are you gutted?” In short, no. I am the opposite of gutted. When the news was confirmed late on Wednesday night I was ecstatic. Serena has spoken for years about her desire to have a family and we all knew that eventually the time would come when she would step away from the game to do just that.

Will I miss her on the tour over the next year or so? Of course. I think the whole of the tennis world will miss her but this is a happy time. A time to celebrate all that she has achieved on and off the court. A time to congratulate her and Alexis on their joyous news. I’ve seen some fans criticising the timing while others are calling out articles as sexist. The reality is tennis is just her job, and it’s a very physical one, meanwhile carrying a baby has its own impacts on the body. Some of the questions being asked in articles would not be written about men, it’s true, but it would also be true to say that no male pro-athletes have carried a baby.

Serena is adamant that she will return to the tour in 2018, possibly as early as the Australian Open – she is still the bookies favourite – but either way she has had a wonderful career and will continue to thrive after tennis. Let us celebrate that rather than commiserating any perceived loss.

V ❤


4 thoughts on “Serena Williams Is Having A Baby And I Couldn’t Be Happier

  1. Rebecca Claire says:

    I haven’t really been following this story but I think it’s really sad that people think they have the right to comment on what she wants to do with her body. Yes she’s an athlete but if she wants to start a family then that’s her decision, only she has autonomy over her own body!

    Rebecca, xo


  2. hannahinternational says:

    Good on Serena for doing what she wants. It’s as though people forget that she is a human being before she is a tennis player! I often wonder where people get off on criticising what other people, particularly celebrities, do with their bodies and choose to do with their careers; like it affects them at all! I say congratulations to her, and good luck on her return to tennis whenever that may be.



  3. Charlotte lucy (@Charlotte_LucyG) says:

    Have you seen the story from one of he high court American somebody or others who has claimed that serenade should be stripped of the title? Because apparently the foetus should have been counted as a doubles partner? I thought it was a wind up but obviously not …


    • sirvikalot says:

      Yes I read about this. It’s some “pro life” organisation. Says it all really…

      The rumour is that back in the 70s/80s athletes used to get pregnant to enhance their performance then abort the baby but she didn’t do that. She’s in a loving relationship and just happened to fall pregnant in the run up to this tournament. She didn’t know if she was going to be sick/tired etc or if she would be fine and luckily for her it was the latter.
      Vika won Miami while pregnant and no one made a fuss about that. The world will do anything to try and knock a black woman down. 😦


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