Why I Quit Blogmas…

So I failed! I set out to blog every day in December and clearly it didn’t happen. I have thought of catching up and dating the posts for the days I missed but in this year of “post-truth” I decided I would buck the trend and be real.

Although I missed a couple of days a long the way and caught up using the method mentioned above, I was doing pretty well until it got really close Christmas. I just wasn’t organised enough. I had far too much stuff to do to make leaving Aberdeen and getting to my parents’ house a reality including going on a road trip to the cattery and blogmas just had to take a back seat.

I also wanted to take a break over Christmas. It’s so important at this time of year not to over-commit and to take time for yourself, especially in the north where the days are ridiculously short and the darkness starts to mess with you, so I took my own advice. I had pretty much a week off blogging and 4 proper days off social media etc. I only checked twitter sporadically to keep up to date with the latest news until last night and otherwise I just relaxed with the family (and away from them in my room with the door shut).

Sorry if anyone feels let down that I didn’t complete this but I will try again next year. I have a better idea of how to realistically do it now and I’m actually going to schedule a few blogmas posts each month throughout the year so that by the time December comes around I just have to write a few current posts summing up 2017 and a few gift guides.

I have a couple more posts to come in December then on to 2017!

V ❤


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