#Blogmas 20 – Preparing For Christmas With A Furry Friend

People who know me will know that the one thing that I like to be organised for is Christmas. By this point last year all my presents were wrapped, cards posted and everything was under control. One of my colleagues had mentioned to me that she was doing her whole Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve including putting together a hamper and I was beyond stressy about it. It genuinely freaks me out a little bit when people leave it all to the last minute but this year I’ve done that and it’s in part due to my furry friend Misty.

If you are going away for Christmas the most important thing to sort out is not your travel arrangements or what you will get your hosts – it’s finding care for your pet while you’re gone. That was a NIGHTMARE for me. Everywhere was full or only taking regular customers and then when I did find catteries with spaces or cancellations they were unwilling to take Misty due to her flu. At the 11th hour I found her a space but that wasn’t the end of it. It’s far out of town, I don’t drive, so then the struggle of organising transport began….

Even if you are staying at home there’s lots you have to think about at this time of year.

First and foremost DO NOT BUY A PONSETTIA PLANT. These are HIGHLY TOXIC for cats and can genuinely kill them. I recently read in a local paper about a woman who didn’t know this, bought one, her cat nibbled on it and required life-saving veterinary care. Please don’t risk it.

Decorating your home at Christmas is really fun and we all love looking at our pretty decorations but so do our pets. They are tempting for them to play with. This is common sense but don’t leave your pets unattended with Christmas decorations. There are choking hazards, in case of fairy lights there is risk of electrocution and if you have glass baubles all kinds of accidents can happen.

On Christmas Day itself most of us end up feeling a little bloated with all the rich food, sweets and drinks that will be consumed. It’s tempting to give our pets a few treats throughout the day such as a bit of fish or meat. A little treat will do no harm but please remember that most human foods are not suitable for pets. In particular rich fruit cake and chocolate is poisonous for pets. Keep these foods out of their reach. In my family there’s a well-loved anecdote of our childhood dog stealing a whole fruit loaf and my dad wrestling with her under the table to retrieve it. While very amusing to retell the tale, these kind of incidents are best avoided.

I hope this post has helped you keep your furry friend safe this festive season.

V ❤


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