#Blogmas 18 Things Can Only Get Worse

I know what you’re thinking, this title doesn’t bode well, but hear me out. We’ve ranted and raved about 2016 and how desperate we are to see the back of it but here’s why 2017 not only won’t be an improvement, it could possibly be the worst year yet.

  1. Donald Trump will actually be President. At the time of writing this it has been confirmed that the Russians tampered with the US election and that the vote counting machines were broken in Detroit which was a Clinton stronghold but it’s doubtful that anything will actually change. Donald Trump will be inaugurated and the world as we know it will descend into depths of racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia etc etc.
  2. Brexit will start to happen…. See above re: the consequences of that and descent of humanity into hatred and discrimination.
  3. 2016 saw the deaths of many beloved famous people including, to name a few, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Caroline Aherne and Muhammad Ali. The reason for the increase in deaths of famouses over the past few years is not a coincidence, nor is it a plot by the Russian government… The first wave of celebrities as we know them today are elderly now and as the years go on more and more famous faces are going to be reaching the ends of their lives. It’s just a sad fact.
  4. The world is going to keep getting warmer. Drawing your attention back to Donald Trump, under his leadership it’s unlikely that America will continue to move in the right direction in relation to climate change. It’s also possible the US’ relationship and influence with China will all but disintegrate which makes it very unlikely that positive change will happen to reduce the catastrophic damage we are doing to the planet.
  5. In 2016 whenever we had the opportunity to stand up for equality and positive social change, as a society, we chose the other option, to go backwards. It stands to reason that this is a pattern that will continue and worsen as the far right/alt-right/nazis now have validation for their views.

So they are the serious reasons why things are going to keep getting worse. Here are the more light-hearted ones.

  1. In all likelihood Serena Williams will retire from tennis in 2017. We’re going to miss you baby. 😦
  2. All my favourite characters on The Walking Dead are probably going to die and Neegan is going to ruin everything. My heart still hasn’t recovered from Season 7 episode 1.
  3. All of our favourite things are going to get more expensive… Damn you Brexit.
  4. Sugar Tax
  5. Arsenal will continue to suck and Arsene Wenger will continue to not spend money.

If anyone has a more positive outlook for 2017 do let me know. :’)

V ❤


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