#Blogmas 17 Apps That Improved My Wellbeing in 2016

Nowadays we rely on apps for more and more things including health and wellbeing. The apps featured in this post are maybe not what you would expect when discussing wellness but all will be explained. For info I use an android operating system and all these apps are available free of charge (although Eve has a premium option) from the Google Play store although I think they’ll all be available for Apple as well.

YouTube – I think we all know what YouTube is and what it does, but how has it helped with my wellbeing I hear you ask? YouTube is an incredible resource for relaxation and meditation recordings as well as guided self-hypnosis. It’s also great to put on the background when you’re needing a bit of a distraction. I find it weirdly soothing watching haul videos.

Plant Nanny – Like a lot of people I struggle to drink enough water. This app is a bit of a gimmick but basically you look after a plant and record your water intake at the same time. The more you drink the more your plant grows bigger, stronger and may even flower. One thing to note with this app as it seems to overestimate your required daily water intake so you may want to manually adjust that.

Eve by Glow – A period tracker with a difference. This app is an all singing, all dancing period tracker and lifestyle monitor. Its LGBT+ positive, and body positive to a point. (“Toning” exercise guys? I think you mean strength training…)  It allows you to monitor your cycle and refer back to previous cycles. It helped me pick out trends such as the fact I normally get a migraine on day 7. Now I know I can plan for it and take action like rest plenty the day before, drink lots of water and take pain killers as soon as the headache starts rather than waiting to see if a migraine develops. Anyway, on the whole it’s a fantastic app and now that my phone is broken it’s the one thing that I feel a bit lost without. It’s a shame that they don’t have a web equivalent.

Netflix – If I’m feeling down Netflix is my go-to app for a pick me up. There are so many fantastic comedies on there these days like The Big Bang Theory, Still Game and Outnumbered that I can be laughing within seconds of loading up the app.

Twitter – Social media gets a bit of a bad rep for causing a lot of problems, especially for young people, however when used correctly it can really work as a positive. This year through Twitter I’ve become part of the #TalkMH movement and as such met many like-minded people who all support each other. If I need to have a chat particularly if it’s late at night/very early in the morning, there’s always someone around via Twitter. I’ve relied on that a few times during late night panic attacks and someone always comes through me.

Do you use any apps to help with your health/wellbeing?

V ❤


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