#Blogmas 15 Surviving The Winter With Emetophobia

The winter is probably the worst time of year for us emetophobes. Being afraid of being sick is even more draining than normal when everywhere you go the world and his wife are discussing their sickness bugs. Like many people I work in an office with air conditioning so all the bugs get recirculated around the office and before long everyone is ill. This past week has been particularly stressful so here are some tips to help us get through the winter months.

TW: OCD (hand hygiene & germs)


Keep yourself clean – I’m not suggesting you start washing your hands 100 times a day or anything like that but definitely washing your hands before eating and after going to the toilet is a good start. If you work in an office, school, hospital or somewhere else where you are around a lot of bugs and germs, it wouldn’t do any harm to change in to clean clothes after work as well. Putting on comfy pjs is always a boost after a long day anyway.


Eat healthily and drink plenty of water – Boosting your immune system is always a winner. It’s easy to avoid eating in a bid to prevent yourself being sick but staying strong is the better option.


Take time to relax – While naturally we spend a lot of time worrying about being ill, getting stressed and worked up will drain you and take its toll on your immune system. Be sure to schedule time to relax.

Avoid sick people Sounds obvious but as far as possible try to avoid people who have been ill for 24-48hrs after their symptoms have passed. This is sometimes difficult, for example in the work place, but talk to your colleagues about your worries. For example one of my colleagues agreed to communicate with me solely by email because it was her first day back after having norovirus.


Talk about how your feeling – Whether this is to a trusted friend, colleague, parent or a listening service letting someone know how your feeling can help a lot. They can reassure you or at the very least listen and make you feel less alone. You can always message me if you need to.

I hope you all stay well over the Festive period, and if you do get ill, as a few of my twitter friends reminded me today, while being sick is the scariest thing, if it happens we won’t die. We’ve got this!

V ❤


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