#Blogmas 14 #MHLetters Lauren

This is the second open letter to a member of the #TalkMH community as part of Marc’s #MHLetters project. My letter to Marc and all the links can be found here.

For those of you who don’t know, Lauren is pretty wonderful. (Also pretty AND wonderful.) Anyway, she can be found on Twitter and her blog is over at http://www.laurenevie.co.uk/

Dear Lauren,

Kind, intelligent, powerful and beautiful Lauren. My #1 Twitter crush. 😉 I know things have been hard for you recently but I am so so so proud of you. I know that there have been times when you haven’t felt strong but you’ve got this I promise you. When I saw your tweets today about pushing yourself to attend an event that this time last week you wouldn’t have managed I inwardly went “YAS QUEEN”. You are so inspiring, out there doing your thing and constantly pushing on.

I’m so glad that Twitter allowed us to “meet” and I hope that one day we will meet irl. You were one of the first people to show that they believed in me, this blog and the difference that I’m trying to make to others. I really hope that I’ve helped you in some small way and can continue to do so. I’ve always got your back and if you ever need a friend just shout. To literally “be there” may require some forward planning but I can always be at the end of the phone or on the other side of a DM chat.

I don’t want to sound like a starstruck competition winner or something but I am genuinely so in awe of you and still stunned to be able to call you a friend. Keep doing what you’re doing and being your awesome self!

V ❤



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