#Blogmas 11 A Lush Christmas Wishlist

Every year there’s so much hype surrounding the Christmas range at Lush and this year definitely didn’t disappoint. A lot of old favourites returned and some intriguing new products were introduced. Here is my wish list. All products featured are listed as Vegan on the Lush website but please check the ingredients list if you want to be completely sure.

So White Bath Ballistic

so_white_bathhbombStarting with my all time favourite Lush product, So White. I’m obsessed with all things apple scented so this product was made for me. This year they have altered the design and it now dissolved as if you were eating an apple. Seeing is believing! It blew my mind. Sadly the So White shower gel has not been re-released this year so I will have to stock up on these to get my fix throughout the year.


Snow Castle Soap

Snow Castle soap is what “Snow Cake” used to be I believe except they’ve changed the design. It smells so strongly of marzipan and the smell lasts on the skin for ages after you’ve used it. It’s another of my favourites that I wish you could get all year.

Buche de Noel Cleanser

To me this product smells of Christmas. It’s a very gentle cleanser that’s perfect for the winter months when your skin can get a little tender and dry due to the elements. It’s sweet, nutty and even has cranberries in it. It’s one of the dry cleansers that you rub in to a paste in your hands with warm water before applying – a bit of a faff but your skin will definitely thank you for it.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar


Candy Mountain is an old favourite that seems to be re-introduced every year. Lush do a lot of products with a similar scent to this and if you are familiar with Lush, it smells like Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, in other words, a sweet shop. Nowhere else does bubble bath that produces as many bubbles or smells as good as Lush bubble bars. They take a bit of work, crumbling them under the water and mixing them in but after a long day nothing feels as good as slipping in to a blanket of bubbles.

Star Dust Bath Bomb

stardust_bathbombI treated myself to this when I’d had a terrible day a couple of weeks ago. It has a soothing, gentle scent and left my skin really soft and me feeling very sleepy and relaxed. Definitely one for Boxing Day/the evening on Christmas Day.

Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

penguinThis is one of two products on this list that I haven’t tried but from the description on the website this sounds like a festive version of “Pop In The Bath”, sunny, bright and citrus-y. At this time of year we tend to look for heavier, cosy scents but sometimes we still need something energising and this sounds like it would do that. And the presentation is adorable. I think I’d almost feel bad crumbling this little guy in to the bath water.

Snowman Shower Jelly

This sounds like one of the most intriguing products Lush have made in a long time. A carrot scented shower gel? It’s so bizarre it might just work. This is the only other product on the list I’ve never tried but when I read the description of it on the website I knew I wanted it. If you’ve never had a Lush Shower Jelly before they are a solid jelly that you can keep in the fridge if you want an enhanced refreshing experience. They lather up really nicely and last for ages. Other, more conventional, scents are available but it’s Christmas, why not smell like a root vegetable. Note: Fresh Carrot Infusion is the second listed ingredient however I rather suspect that the lemon and bergamot will overpower it.

Have I included any of your favourite festive products?

V ❤


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