My Two Pennies Worth… The Girl On The Train *No Spoilers*

This post is a little different to what you’re used to from me. Despite my passion for all things entertainment I haven’t written anything on this topic as there’s so much good stuff already out there but The Girl On The Train has inspired me. And I have included a little bit of my usual content by calling out Hollywood on their body shaming discriminatory casting choices.

If any of you have spent any time in my company of late this topic is bound to have come up – the film RUINED the book. There, I said it.

I hadn’t finished to book before I saw the film which obviously is my own stupid fault, but from what little I had read of the book, the film was just wrong. Everything about it was wrong. The castings, the setting, the location, the atmosphere. From the very first moment I hated it. Not because it was a bad movie, if you are not a fan of the book it’s an excellent, fast paced film that makes you want to find out what has happened and keep watching, but because it ruined the images in my head of how everything should look.

I understand that we can’t get as lucky with the castings in every movie as we did in Harry Potter but the cast in this film didn’t look anything like the characters described in the book. Emily Blunt is a fantastic actor and this rant is by no means meant to take away from her portrayal of Rachel, she just doesn’t look like Rachel. Rachel is described in the book as “overweight and blotchy” but, of course Hollywood would never cast an actual overweight woman as the lead role in a serious film. That would just be so shocking and terrible and no one would ever go and see the movie, right? *eye roll*. Scott, the man who was apparently so physically intimidating that Rachel thought about him crushing her with his bare hands was played by Luke Evans, who although 6ft tall, doesn’t exactly exude a threatening physical presence. Again, he’s a fantastic actor, he just doesn’t look as one would imagine Scott.

It may have been possible to overlook the casting choices had the location been right… The book is set in the south of England, the basis for the story is a woman commuting to London every day and seeing into the same house every day and feeling like, as a result, she knew it’s inhabitants. Any of us who live in the UK were definitely not picturing the big, American houses used in the movie as we read this book. The whole landscape was all wrong and didn’t do justice to a British book.

The plot and the story was the same as the book. As with all film adaptations a few pieces were missed out, little details about characters etc, but actually in the main the story was told pretty accurately. There was one bit that confused me slightly, the wording was a little wrong and I said to my friend “wait, how could X have only happened a week ago when they are saying….”. The answer of course was “it’s definitely longer in the book.”

It’s an entertaining movie and if you haven’t read and don’t intend to read the book then it’s definitely worth a watch. If you have or intend to, bear in mind that it may ruin the book for you as it has for me. If you have done both already, comment below and let me know what you thought.

V ❤


2 thoughts on “My Two Pennies Worth… The Girl On The Train *No Spoilers*

  1. mikefleckcreator says:

    Every time I read about this movie, it makes me want to watch it more. I think I’ll watch first then read after. Great writeup, do you feature your writing on any other sites?


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