Physio, Mental Health & Life Update

You will have probably noticed I’ve not been around as much lately and my blog posts have been a little bit sporadic/non existent. Needless to say I was having a bit of a rough time with my mental health. I don’t really know what was going on, I just didn’t have any energy or motivation to do anything. And then latterly I was having issues with body image, food and self esteem and I felt like such a fraud, harping on about body positivity and then having all these doubts myself. I’ve since realised that having the thoughts isn’t a problem as long as you deal with it in the right way. Rather than rushing off to punish myself with a diet and crippling exercise regime I’ve acknowledged these intrusive thoughts for what they are and reminded myself that it’s my brain that’s the issue, not my body. Thankfully I’m feeling much better now and I’m definitely trying to get back on track with the blog.


I ran a poll on Twitter a few weeks back asking whether or not you wanted to see a physio update and the results were pretty much 50/50. If you’re not interested skip the next 2 paragraphs.


At the time when I ran the poll I was a bit of a Negative Nancy when it came to my physio. I felt like my joints were worse than ever, I was in pain and my mood was low. I went into the appointment with this mindset, armed with a list of all the issues. I think I’ve mentioned this before but my physiotherapist is very understanding and we talked through all the issues and we tried a few different things. Coming away from the appointment, while still in pain, I felt much more positive and ready to make some changes. Between that appointment and the one I had this week I’ve done very little in terms of my “physio exercises” but my lower joints feel so much better (waiting until my period is over before I start them up again to test if hormones or my physio was causing the problem before) and my shoulder is noticeably better through consciously making an effort with my posture and sleeping positive. My physio said she could even see a difference in the way I was holding myself so I must be doing something right. Going forward I’m going to be working on some balance and confidence exercises with my physio in the gym area within the health centre I go to. When I first started going a few months ago I couldn’t have imagined being comfortable doing that but the fact that I feel completely at ease with it is a testament to how brilliant my physiotherapist is at actually listening, understanding and working with me and my existing issues rather than forcing something on me that will overwhelm and alienate.


My physio programme has since moved on to going into the medical practise to do some activities while working on some of the ongoing exercises at my leisure. My physiotherapist, who I’ve raved about from day 1 is unfortunately leaving as she is on a rotation but the person I will be going to instead comes highly recommended. I will most likely post an update on how that goes.


Going forward I’m trying to get everything back to normal including the blog, work and also trying to get my fitness back after not being able to/not wanting to do anything for so long. Also, big news, I’ve started dating again. I think it’s time… I may well write about it but I’m no Vix Meldrew.  Feel free to drop me a message if I’m slacking and not updating the blog. I need a kick up the butt sometimes.


V ❤



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