Why I’m Not Following You On Twitter

I follow lots of lovely, like-minded people on Twitter and really love getting to know new people but you may be wondering why I don’t follow you back I hope this post clears it up. (Disclaimer: Please note that this post is meant to be a little bit of fun with some truth in it inspired by a post by Holly over at www.closingwinter.co.uk)

  1. You don’t interact with me – If you follow me then never interact with me I probably won’t follow you back. I know you can’t possibly interact with every single person you follow every day, that would be completely unreasonable. Even just a “hello, I found you through X and love that you’re in to Y” will make me far more likely to follow you back.
  2. You tweet or blog about diet products/weight loss and/or you body shame yourself through social media. Normally when a new account follows me I quickly flick through their “Media” tab to get an idea if they are into any of the things I mentioned above. I find that so difficult to deal with and if I did follow you I would probably have to mute you anyway so it’s pointless.
  3. You’re an egg – If you don’t have a profile picture (even of a pet or a flower) I’m going to assume you are a spam account.
  4. You tweet a lot about something I really don’t care about – I know that people unfollow me for this reason all the time. Not a lot of lifestyle/body positive/fitness bloggers are also huge Casualty, Holby City and Tennis fans. Obviously I accept that a lot of them don’t want their timelines filled with blow-by-blow accounts of my favourite TV shows or my favourite tennis players’ matches.
  5. I don’t like you – It’s far more likely to be one of the reasons above but we can’t like everyone, can we?!

Leave a comment below with your reasons for not following people on social media accounts also leave your twitter handle and I’ll (maybe :P) follow you. 😉
V ❤


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Following You On Twitter

  1. Tamsin | Eco Fluffy Mama says:

    Love this! I interact with someone a lot, have left loads of comments on her blog, too. And despite following someone else I am friends with who has the same type of content as me, she never followed me back or commented back on my blog. I find that a bit disheartening – I mean, I don’t comment on blogs for comments back BUT I always think it’s nice to support fellow bloggers by heading onto their blog and leaving some comments. Oh, and follow them if they actually interact with you regularly and post content you like (based on other ppl they follow). Sorry for the ramble.. I am feeling delicate today after some angry transphobic people attacking me last night..! xx


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