How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weekend

We all know how it goes, Sunday night rolls around, the weekend is suddenly over and we feel like we’ve completely wasted it. Up until very recently this was happening to me most weeks but I made some changes and now I go back to work on Monday having accomplished at least some of the things I’d set out to achieve over the weekend.

It’s key to manage your expectations with this. In the past I would set myself up to fail, unfortunately the weekend is only 2 days so it’s very unlikely that you can binge watch 3 seasons of your favourite show, read all the Sunday papers and single-handedly bring about world peace. (If only!) With that in mind I like to plan, just roughly in my head, what I’m going to do over the course of weekend factoring in all the boring adult stuff  like laundry, food shopping etc. For example today I knew I wanted to go for a walk along the beach to play PokemonGo so I took my backpack and reusable bags and extended my walk to go passed the supermarket I wanted to go to. It’s all about making the best use of your time.

The most unpopular suggestion for making the most out of your weekend is to get up earlier. I can hear your collective groans as I write this. I’m not an early riser by any stretch of the imagination and I’m not talking about being up and raring to go at 6am but I certainly try to be up before 9am on the weekends these days and that way you feel like you’ve had a full day. Getting up at 11am or later means it’s afternoon before you’re ready to do anything.

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content” springs to mind here. I certainly feel like I’ve had a more productive weekend when I start the week ready to go, lunch prepared, laundry all done, a nice clean kitchen to work in etc. I also prefer to get a lot of my chores done on a Saturday so I can have a relaxing Sunday, maybe go for a walk or workout, meet up with a friend for brunch, catch up on some TV, play with Misty (my kitty, you can read about her here) and perhaps work on my blog and schedule tweets. I also like to end the weekend on a good note. My perfect evening is a bubble bath with a good book. ❤

How do you all make the most out of your weekend? Leave a comment below.



One thought on “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weekend

  1. InTheShadeIvory says:

    Even though being a mum means no lay in for me I honestly recommend the early rising.You can get so many things done,i hate having to organise but it makes you feel so much better afterwards.Great post 😌


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