Little Things That Make Me Happy

This post was suggested by my friend Kirsty and I thought it was perfect to write on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

With all the doom and gloom in the world these days it’s sometimes hard to appreciate the little things in life. Writing this post has certainly reminded me of all those things and put a smile on my face.

So  here is a list of some of the little things that make me happy:

  1. Sitting in the shade on a sunny day
  2. The feeling of warm rain against my skin
  3. Listening to the wind and rain hammering against the window on a stormy night
  4. Walking on fresh snow
  5. Spontaneous phone calls from friends
  6. Receiving mail
  7. Iced coffee
  8. Cake
  9. Cherry Pepsi Max (my one true love)
  10. Waking up to the Chris Moyles Show
  11. When people tell me that I’ve helped/inspired them
  12. Evening strolls
  13. Brunch with friends
  14. CARBS in general
  15. Lazing around the house
  16. Cats
  17. Cuddles
  18. Winning (whether that’s Freecell, board games or a FitBit challenge, I’m very competitive)
  19. Spending time with old friends
  20. Exploring new cities
  21. Putting on make up
  22. Clean bed sheets
  23. Having a clean and tidy house (but I’m lazy so this rarely happens)
  24. Long, hot baths
  25. Making new friends
  26. Flowers
  27. Writing
  28. Cooking yummy food
  29. Body positivity
  30. Compliments
  31. Charity shop shopping
  32. Reading
  33. Colouring in
  34. Writing letters
  35. Playing with Misty
  36. Ordering takeaway
  37. Dressing up
  38. Baking
  39. Shopping for presents for people
  40. Flying a kite

Leave a comment below with some little things that make you happy. 🙂

V ❤


4 thoughts on “Little Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Hannah Gilroy says:

    Love this list! Here are a few of mine 🙂

    1. Battenburg
    2. Watching GBBO while eating
    3. Getting into fresh bedding after a shower
    4. Parks & recs
    5. Making up weird jokes/songs with friends
    6. Swimming
    7. Talking to my sister
    8. Drawing on the perfect eyebrows
    9. Wearing rings
    10. Volunteering and talking to the people there
    11. Writing something you are proud of
    12. Being around animals
    13. Listening to my favourite songs
    14. Pizza
    15. Making a stranger smile
    16. Drinking wine with friends
    17. Finding a combination of old clothes to create a new outfit
    18. Spooning
    19. Thinking of funny times/friends
    20. Colouring in
    21. Getting into a really good book
    22. Walking in the woods/nature


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