5 Reasons To Move Your Body

My first fitness post – scary stuff! This is still, of course, a body positive post and as such before we get into the reasons there is a little disclaimer. These tips are for those of you who want to exercise and this is by no means saying that anyone has to or “should”. We all know our own bodies and minds better than anyone else and have to do what’s best for ourselves in any given moment. So on days when you want to exercise but you just can’t seem to get going here are some reasons to do it.

1. It’s fun! If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong. Find an activity you enjoy that suits your ability. There’s no point in forcing yourself to go to the gym or attend an exercise class if you hate it. You could go for a walk in a park/the countryside and enjoy nature or dance, whether that’s getting up and dancing around your home or in your chair. It doesn’t have to be traditional “exercise” that for many people carries such negative connotations.

2. Challenging ourselves is exciting – Setting a target and meeting it is an exhilarating feeling. We’re not all Serena Williams striving to be the greatest ever at something but our achievements deserve to be celebrated too. Whether that’s running a certain distance without stopping, managing to do a yoga pose for the first time or beating a personal best the sense of achievement will boost your mood and self esteem.

3. It can wake you up – like a lot of people who work at desks,  by lunchtime I feel sluggish, bored and can’t stop yawning. Getting out for even the shortest of walks gives me a change of scenery and wakes me up for the afternoon. (Plus it gives you an opportunity to have a look around the shops and pick up a treat for the afternoon.)

4. It can be a social event or me-time –  It has to be said I’m not much of a group exerciser in terms of classes, they are just not for me, but I do like to work out with friends occasionally because I’m soooooo competitive. Equally exercise can be a great opportunity to focus purely on yourself, relax and unwind.

5. Movement keeps your mind and body healthy – This sounds like it could be a comment sponsored by the health police but it’s not, bear with me. I am fully aware of post-exercise depression and very low mood following certain activities but I’m not talking here about a strenuous workout X number of times a week. I refer to movement that you love, that makes you happy but that still on dark and rainy or hot and clammy days you struggle to get up and do. Of course there’s nothing wrong with vegging out on the sofa instead but if you need a little nudge remember the joy that activity brings.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it helpful. There will be a “Reasons To Rest” post to follow.

V ❤


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