Little Things That Make Me Happy

This post was suggested by my friend Kirsty and I thought it was perfect to write on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

With all the doom and gloom in the world these days it’s sometimes hard to appreciate the little things in life. Writing this post has certainly reminded me of all those things and put a smile on my face.

So  here is a list of some of the little things that make me happy:

  1. Sitting in the shade on a sunny day
  2. The feeling of warm rain against my skin
  3. Listening to the wind and rain hammering against the window on a stormy night
  4. Walking on fresh snow
  5. Spontaneous phone calls from friends
  6. Receiving mail
  7. Iced coffee
  8. Cake
  9. Cherry Pepsi Max (my one true love)
  10. Waking up to the Chris Moyles Show
  11. When people tell me that I’ve helped/inspired them
  12. Evening strolls
  13. Brunch with friends
  14. CARBS in general
  15. Lazing around the house
  16. Cats
  17. Cuddles
  18. Winning (whether that’s Freecell, board games or a FitBit challenge, I’m very competitive)
  19. Spending time with old friends
  20. Exploring new cities
  21. Putting on make up
  22. Clean bed sheets
  23. Having a clean and tidy house (but I’m lazy so this rarely happens)
  24. Long, hot baths
  25. Making new friends
  26. Flowers
  27. Writing
  28. Cooking yummy food
  29. Body positivity
  30. Compliments
  31. Charity shop shopping
  32. Reading
  33. Colouring in
  34. Writing letters
  35. Playing with Misty
  36. Ordering takeaway
  37. Dressing up
  38. Baking
  39. Shopping for presents for people
  40. Flying a kite

Leave a comment below with some little things that make you happy. 🙂

V ❤


Living with Emetophobia

TW: phobias, vomiting, eating disorders

What’s emetophobia I hear you ask… It’s the fear of being sick, being around sick and just sick in general. It can be debilitating and can cause other serious health problems like anorexia. As a very young child,  before it was discovered what was wrong with me,  I was in and out of an outpatients clinic while they tried to work out if my constant unease and nausea was due to allergies, migraines or a gastrointestinal problem.

Living with any phobia is hard and everyone’s experiences will be different but these are my experiences of growing up and living with my phobia. (Now that little disclaimer-y bit is out of the way, let us begin.)

For as long as I can remember I’ve been scared of being sick. I have a vague memory from childhood of either choking and making myself sick as a result or choking while being sick but both my parents say it never happened. Regardless of the reason behind the phobia, I find the whole thing terrifying. So terrifying in fact that my body fights the urge to be sick. This has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because *touch wood* I’m rarely sick. I haven’t actually vomited since my early teens. A curse because sometimes your body actually needs to be sick and it does more damage by not getting the nasties out of your system. A couple of years ago I ate some bad potato salad and I got food poisoning. Somehow I managed not to throw up but now have inflammatory IBS as a result.

Emetophobia is a misunderstood phobia. When you tell someone that you have it , the chances are the first thing they will say to you is that nobody likes being sick. This, in part, is perhaps due to the way we, as a society, trivialise phobias. Phobias are genuine mental health issues but if you ask a group of people if they have a phobia the majority of them will say they have one and it’s something like spiders or snakes. Sure they may be scared of those things if they are in the vicinity but in the majority of cases they are probably not worrying about coming in to contact with those things on a daily basis. A phobia in its true sense can take over your life. (I’ve lived with someone with a genuine fear of flies/insects that make a buzzing sound  and that can get pretty intense.) You develop coping techniques to stop yourself getting in to situations where you may be exposed to the thing you fear even if that means missing out on important life events/occasions.

For me this was most evident when I was at secondary school. This was when I started needing to be near exits at all times and aisle seats became a must. There were a few times where I went home from school because I genuinely thought I was sick. I struggled with eating to the point that I barely ate at school a lot of the time, or snacked on small sugary things to stave off hunger. This was because I’d made myself believe is my stomach was empty I couldn’t be sick or at the very least it would buy me some more time to get out of the classroom. (At this point in my life the fear of being sick in public was even greater than just being sick).  Needless to stay my body was desperate for food and this is when I developed a habit of binge eating after school in the evenings. In many ways my phobia stopped my eating disorder becoming more serious because,  despite sometimes feeling the need to, I could never manage to make myself sick after bingeing. 

My phobia, still to this day, has a big influence on my diet. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t eat meat; in my head meat is highly likely to make me ill, I’m very fussy about where I go out to eat; although nowadays I’m much more relaxed about it going to a new restaurant will normally give me at least some anxiety and I definitely waste more food than the average person due to my paranoia about things in the fridge not being cold enough.

Since I left home the majority of the time my phobia is manageable on my own. When it becomes less manageable is when I feel genuinely nauseous or having a panic attack masquerading as nausea. That’s when people may received a panicked phone call from me in the early hours of the morning or people have had to walk with me/go for me to the 24hr shop to get me juice (coca cola)  and chewing gum, my own little cure for nausea.

Having a phobia like emetophobia provides fuel for my Generalised Anxiety Disorder. While many people feel like they can’t breathe or that they’re dying during a panic attack, I feel like I’m going to be sick. Over the years I have managed to talk myself down from this by telling myself it’s only anxiety and I’m not going to be sick but it’s still a battle every time the feeling crops up.

Do you have any phobias? How do you cope with them? Leave a comment below.

V ❤

Bumps In The Road

Personal, mental health related, post coming up. People are always asking me how I became body positive and how long it took. As this post will show it’s a journey that’s ongoing. You don’t just wake up one morning having rejected all of society’s health and beauty standards feeling fantastic about yourself. (If that did happen to you email me because I need to know your secret.)

Some of you are probably already aware that I suffer from hypermobility. The worst joints for me are my knees and I recently suffered a very bad fall that resulted in me being referred for, very necessary, physiotherapy. Physio has always been triggering for me – the irrational side of my brain that associates “exercise” with weight loss, punishing myself etc takes over especially in a scenario where the exercise is prescribed and I feel forced into it.

Following my initial appointment with my new physio, which was traumatic in itself and I cried during most it, I really really struggled. Some of you may have noticed through my social media accounts that I was in a bad place. My self esteem and body image just took an absolute nosedive and I was having urges to engage in self destructive behaviour. A huge part of my recovery process has been focusing on only exercising when I really want to. If there is ever any doubt about why I’m doing it or whether or not I’m really in the mood for it, I don’t do it. Pushing myself to work out when I’m not feeling like it leads to the horrible feelings I was experiencing post-physio appointment.

Understandably the first few days were really tough. On a physical level the exercises are very easy and gentle but simply taking the time to do them was insanely triggering and upsetting.  I was forcing myself to do at least some of the routine every day and my moods were getting worse. I reached out to a few of my friends and talked things over but I still felt caught between a rock and a hard place, physical health vs mental health. It wasn’t until someone who I really trust told me that this was simply far too triggering and I should stop that I realised this was on my terms and I was in control of this process.

That was such a huge step forward on my body positivity journey. Up until now my focus has been on feeling good about myself no matter what size/weight I am or what I eat etc and all of that is super important but the journey doesn’t stop there. The next stage for me is, with all of that in mind, being able to look after my physical and mental health simultaneously. I know it’s going to be very difficult but physio is a really good place to start. Like everything in life, with body positivity or recovery from an eating disorder/mental health problem, once you’ve reached a point where you’re relatively comfortable and can function relatively normally, it’s easy to become complacent and accept that this is as good as things will get. For some people in some scenarios that is the case, and everyone’s journey and recovery is different, but for me I know I’ve been coasting for a while and can definitely still work on a few areas.

A few days after the initial breakthrough I started finding one of the exercises getting a little easier, and I was more aware of my body (part of my issue is that I have no clue how to control the smaller muscles that we all take for granted) and that gave me a little boost. Unfortunately for the past few days I’ve had the flu (by the time you read this I will hopefully be much better) so I’ve not been doing the physio but a huge part of this process is listening to my body and I know that my body needs to rest at the moment.

Have any of you had a breakthrough on your body positivity/recovery journey recently? Leave a comment below.

V ❤

Self Care Ideas

Lately I have noticed on Twitter and through blogs that a lot of people are struggling with self care, whether that’s finding an activity that works for them or they are unsure where to start. Firstly I will give my two pennies worth on what self care is to me and then give you a list of different things you could try, as always I will try make the list as accessible as possible.

Self care is a funny one. We all do it without even realising it every day. We get up in the morning and we brush our teeth and wash ourselves – this at the most basic level is self care. What we are referring to in this post is the time you put aside for yourself, to relax, unwind and take care of your mental health. Often people feel guilty for taking this time, there’s always something “more important” they should be doing, but let me tell you from experience this is important. It’s important to stop burnout and to keep you feeling good.

The other struggle people seem to have is that they don’t know where to start and what constitutes self care. Before I provide a list of ideas I just want to say that different things work for different people and some of the things I mention below as self care ideas such as working out or cleaning, may actually be triggers to some people so please only do what you’re comfortable with. I’ll break the lists up into “Active Self Care” and “Restful Self Care”.

Active Self Care

  • Cleaning your room – This gives you time to think and there’s no better feeling than going to sleep in a bed with nice clean sheets surrounded by a clean environment.
  • Going for a walk/run – When you’re stressed out getting outside can be such a big help even without moving around. Adding the movement is optional of course but sometimes it helps to clear the mind.
  • Go out with friends – I know what you’re thinking “self care isn’t a team sport”, but it can be. If you are really wired, stressed out and know that being by yourself is going to make you feel worse it is excellent self care to recognise and acknowledge that and make a plan to circumvent it.
  • Play video games – I’ve included this in the active section as although usually this is a sedentary activity it can get you pretty pumped up and wake you up. 
  • Stretch/Yoga – If, like me, your anxiety causes your body to tense up, stretching is a great way to relieve all that tension.

Restful Self Care

  • Allow yourself worry time – Scheduled worry time can help so much throughout the day. It doesn’t stop bad thoughts from popping in to your mind but it makes it easier to cope with them by deferring them to be dealt with later during the allotted time.
  • Read a book – As a distraction technique this one is great if you are at a point where you can still focus on something and concentrate. Immersing yourself in a good book can really take you away from all your worries.
  • Treat yourself to a favourite snack – There’s no reason to attach guilt to this like so many do. You are allowed to eat food that you enjoy.When using this as self care you can be mindful of the flavours and textures and focus on that as you enjoy the snack.
  • Watch something funny – As many of you will know this is my go-to self care if I’m anxious, particulately if I’m heading towards full blown panic. The laughter helps to calm me down and watching a film or tv show acts as a great distraction
  • Have  a bath – Another of my go-tos. I don’t know what it is but there is something very calming about being in the water. It gives you an opportunity to relax and think over your day plus make plans for tomorrow.
  • Do something creative – This could be writing down your thoughts and feelings, drawing, colouring in, making something. Just a way to channel how you’re feeling in to something positive. On my body positive journey there have been times when I’ve found it useful to write a letter to myself.

Do you have any self care tips? Leave them in the comments below.

V ❤
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Staying Positive While You’re Ill

Anyone who knows me will know that I love a lazy day at home with nothing planned other than catching up on some TV, doing some cleaning and maybe having a hot bath. However 3 days in to a bout of flu and the lazy day at home vibe is rapidly losing its appeal. Aside from briefly sitting in the garden yesterday before it got too hot (this is being written the day after “the hottest day of the year”) I’ve not left the house since Sunday and not seen another person since my groceries were delivered yesterday morning. I tried doing my very easy, Pilates-based physio exercises and got a sweat on. Needless to say I’m not feeling at my best so I thought I’d write this post to perk myself up and to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

My number one tip is to be kind to yourself. I’ve got the the flu, I’m not going to be climbing any mountains or running a marathon any time soon so reminding myself of this fact is always a good shout. It’s easy to get frustrated with yourself when you can’t do things that are normally easy. With this bout of illness coming so soon after a little body positivity/recovery crisis I’ve been having lately, being kind to myself is double-y important. Like a lot of people when I’m ill I’m a comfort eater and it’s so easy to become paranoid about bingeing and for doubting thoughts to creep in to your head when you’re home alone all day. We need to remind ourselves that if eating yummy foods makes us feel better on our sick days then that’s all that matters.

It’s so tempting to rush back in to things – DON’T! This morning I was so tempted to go to work. I’d text my boss to tell him I couldn’t go but then I got up and had a bath and convinced myself I felt better (despite nearly being sick in the bath from coughing) and I was going to go in. Thankfully a message from my friend convinced me otherwise as I now sit writing this in a sweaty mess on my yoga mat. Not only will resting up help you get better more quickly and fully, your colleagues/customers/classmates will thank you for not spreading your germs. I learnt the hard way last year when I rushed back to work (and the gym) after a virus and sinus infection only to end up having my whole holiday ruined weeks later by the lingering virus culminating in tonsillitis. It’s not worth it folks, rest up!

If you’re the kind of person who needs to be busy and set goals for yourself every day, you can still do that while you rest, for example yesterday I set myself a goal to drink a certain amount of water and I also sorted my recycling into the correct boxes and did some laundry. All fairly low energy tasks but they made me feel that I’d achieved something for the day. Equally if you’ve got a book you’ve been putting off finishing, a TV show you want to catch up on or a blog post you want to write, you can set these things as targets and do them from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

What kind of things do you do to pass the time while you’re ill? Leave a comment below.


5 Reasons To Rest Your Body

In our diet and exercise obsessed world it’s very easy to get swept along with the hype and worry that we are not doing enough or that others are faster, stronger and fitter than us. When these kinds of thoughts take over we can push ourselves to over exercise and end up in a dangerous cycle of self loathing and over-training. Here are 5 reasons to rest on those days when you’re not feeling it.

1.Rest is good for you. It allows your muscles to recover and heal so you can come back stronger.

2.Over-training can result in injury and is also linked to post-exercise low mood/depression. If you enjoy working out (why else would you be doing it?!) taking a break should mean that you continue to enjoy it.

3.Variety is the spice of life and trying out some other, more restful, forms of self care may help you to relax and unwind as opposed to the high of an intense work out.

4.Because you can! It’s sooooo important to be able to enjoy rest as well as working out. When you start becoming stressed about not working out that could be a sign that there is something more going on than just a love of activity. If you are worried that you may be suffering from a compulsive exercise disorder there is more information and a short questionnaire here.

5.Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to work out and that’s ok. If you’re not going to enjoy it then there’s no point in forcing yourself. As I’m writing this the UK is in the grip of a heatwave, I honestly can’t think of anything worse than forcing myself to work out in this heat in a sweaty gym.

If you are in the mood to workout and are looking for reasons to get moving, I’ve written a post on that here.

V ❤


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Serena Williams – 22 Reasons She’s The GOAT



To honour the occasion of Serena’s 22nd Grand Slam victory at Wimbledon on Saturday I’ve compiled a list of 22 reasons why she’s the greatest of all time.

  1. She’s one of the greatest athletes in the world, ever. The way she has returned time and time again from injury, ill health and personal tragedy is beyond inspirational.
  2. Aside from Rod Laver, she’s the only player to have held all 4 Grand Slams at the same time twice.
  3. She’s won at least 2 Grand Slams in every event she could enters (Singles, Womens’ Doubles and Mixed Doubles).
  4. Along with her sister Venus, she’s part of one of the greatest double teams of all time.
  5. She’s the only player, male or female, to have won 3 of 4 Grand Slams 6 times (she’s now won Wimbledon 7 times).
  6. She’s the oldest player have won a Grand Slam title at 34.
  7. She’s won 4 Gold Medals at the Olympics, more than any active player.
  8. In 2015 she was so good, she became the first player to hold double the ranking points as her closest rival.
  9. She’s paved the way for other black athletes. In 2003 she became the first black woman to win the Australian Open.
  10. She advocates enjoyable physical activity for all and practises what preaches. Serena hates to work out but loves to dance so joined a competitve dance group.
  11. She’s body positive, demonstrating the beauty in strength regardless of your body shape.
  12. She’s a role model for anyone working their asses off to achieve their dreams. As Serena was once quoted as saying “I didn’t grow up playing at the country club”. She’s worked hard for everything she’s achieved.
  13. She uses her priviledge as a platform. As various atrocities and tragedies have taken place Serena has taken the time to speak out.
  14. She’s a feminist and has campaigned tirelessly, alongside her sister Venus and Billie Jean King, for equal prize money.
  15. She’s a philanthropist. The Serena Williams Fund provides scholarships, builds schools and provides legal aid.
  16. She regularly takes time to engage with fans through things like #SerenaFridays.
  17. Her on-court outfits always slay.
  18. Her clothing lines are beautiful, cater for all shapes and sizes and are affordable.
  19. Her will to win is stronger than any other competitor in the game.
  20. And she loves to win more than she hates to lose.
  21. She’s mentally tough – returning to the game after a particularly difficult loss as well as returning to Indian Wells last year where she’d previously been racially abused.
  22. That beatdown of Maria Sharapova at the 2012 Olympics. (Also she’s the Queen of Shade. “She got that one game and I thought oh boy here she comes”)

If I’ve missed any reasons leave them in the comments below. Thanks to everyone who provided reasons.


5 Reasons To Move Your Body

My first fitness post – scary stuff! This is still, of course, a body positive post and as such before we get into the reasons there is a little disclaimer. These tips are for those of you who want to exercise and this is by no means saying that anyone has to or “should”. We all know our own bodies and minds better than anyone else and have to do what’s best for ourselves in any given moment. So on days when you want to exercise but you just can’t seem to get going here are some reasons to do it.

1. It’s fun! If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong. Find an activity you enjoy that suits your ability. There’s no point in forcing yourself to go to the gym or attend an exercise class if you hate it. You could go for a walk in a park/the countryside and enjoy nature or dance, whether that’s getting up and dancing around your home or in your chair. It doesn’t have to be traditional “exercise” that for many people carries such negative connotations.

2. Challenging ourselves is exciting – Setting a target and meeting it is an exhilarating feeling. We’re not all Serena Williams striving to be the greatest ever at something but our achievements deserve to be celebrated too. Whether that’s running a certain distance without stopping, managing to do a yoga pose for the first time or beating a personal best the sense of achievement will boost your mood and self esteem.

3. It can wake you up – like a lot of people who work at desks,  by lunchtime I feel sluggish, bored and can’t stop yawning. Getting out for even the shortest of walks gives me a change of scenery and wakes me up for the afternoon. (Plus it gives you an opportunity to have a look around the shops and pick up a treat for the afternoon.)

4. It can be a social event or me-time –  It has to be said I’m not much of a group exerciser in terms of classes, they are just not for me, but I do like to work out with friends occasionally because I’m soooooo competitive. Equally exercise can be a great opportunity to focus purely on yourself, relax and unwind.

5. Movement keeps your mind and body healthy – This sounds like it could be a comment sponsored by the health police but it’s not, bear with me. I am fully aware of post-exercise depression and very low mood following certain activities but I’m not talking here about a strenuous workout X number of times a week. I refer to movement that you love, that makes you happy but that still on dark and rainy or hot and clammy days you struggle to get up and do. Of course there’s nothing wrong with vegging out on the sofa instead but if you need a little nudge remember the joy that activity brings.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it helpful. There will be a “Reasons To Rest” post to follow.

V ❤

Toxicity Of #TransformationTuesday & Why I’ll Never Post a Before and After Picture

Wake up on a Tuesday morning, open your Instagram feed and it’s hard to avoid a “#TransformationTuesday” post. Some of them are lovely pictures of a redecorated bedroom or a landscaped garden but in the main they feature people bragging about their weight loss. This is a hard post to write because these posts have become so commonplace in our society and most people have become so overexposed to them that they don’t consider the lasting impact these images are having on the self esteem and body image of everyone who encounters them.

Celebrating an achievement is no bad thing. Many of these people sharing  transformation pictures  have embarked on a healthy eating and exercise programme to feel healthier, fitter and stronger, and that’s great. The problems start in the photo description. The person normally begins by deploring their body in its previous form with statements like “why didn’t anyone tell me I looked like that” or “I can’t believe I let myself get like that”. And it extends in to the comments section with responses like “Wow, what a difference, you look amazing”, “skinny Minnie” and of course “you look so much better”.

It doesn’t take a genius to see this is body shaming. It’s toxic for the person because condemning their previous picture taints memories. If you look back at old pictures and shame yourself it makes you doubt every joyous moment captured on camera. On my own body positive journey I struggled with this – when I was going through a bad time with my mental health and lost a lot of weight this was compounded by friends telling me I looked “better”. Every time I looked at a picture of myself with those friends I was constantly paranoid that they were judging me in, what up until that point, had been such a happy memory.

The toxicity for people seeing the image is also clear to see. Living in a world where we are constantly concerned by appearance and being accepted, seeing someone so clearly state that one body type is better than another is damning, especially if you look like the before picture. Without realising, this person, possibly one of your close friends, has directly stated that your body is not good enough and needs to be changed. In most cases it’s almost certain that the picture has been posted without any regard for these implications and it’s not meant to make anyone feel bad about themselves. That’s  why it’s so important that everyone is made aware that these actions have wide reaching consequences.

Recently I’ve started a little fitness challenge with a friend. As a result I’ve seen certain changes in my body, like muscles beginning to pop again. For me it’s just a bit of fun and competition, not to lose weight or “tone up” but even still you won’t see any progress pictures of my body appearing on Instagram. Comparison is the thief of joy and I never want to be that person. I’d love to inspire people to work out for fun and to stay strong but never through comparing bodies.

There certainly are ways to post a #TransformationTuesday picture without the body shaming, such as focusing on the new things you can do with your body as a result of your healthy lifestyle such as completing a physical challenge you wouldn’t have managed before, or talking about how much more energy you have since you started eating breakfast rather than snacking on junk food throughout the morning. It’s probably too late for most adults to be saved from the negative affects of body shaming, we’ll have to fight against them for the rest of our lives, but it’s not too late for children and teenagers. Social media users are getting younger and younger and unless your accounts are private they can see your posts. Before posting a before and after picture consider if you would want a teenage (or younger) son/daughter or an eating disorder sufferer to be exposed to it.

Have any of you had experiences of this kind of body shaming within your friend group? How did you deal with it? Leave a comment below.

V ❤

Body Postivity Action Plan

Following a few wordy posts on the subject of body positivity, Hannah from over at HannahGetsHench (TW: dieting, weight loss but she’s a top gal becoming more and more bopo by the day) suggested I compile a list of actions we can all take to become more body positive starting right now. So with a little help from my friend Daisy over at Daisy Says I have put together 8 top tips.

Read – We are guilty of believing everything mass media tells us when it comes to health and body image but as soon as you start to read around the topic you realise there is so much more to it. I would recommend “Health at Every Size” by Linda Bacon PhD and “Fat is a Feminist Issue” by Susie Orbach. The latter was recommended to me by my secondary school English teacher as a young woman struggling with body image and it is certainly eye-opening. It’s been a long time since I last read it but I believe it’s regularly revised.

Unfollow Triggering Social Media Accounts – Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and continue to follow and look at images that make us feel inadequate. We tell ourselves it’s to “motivate” us but all it’s doing is slowly chipping away at our self esteem.

Follow Positive Accounts – These kind of accounts could be different for everyone. It may be pictures of cute animals or landscapes or it might be body positive accounts. I have spoken to a woman who is body positive and continuing to work on it but still finds the comparison that can be drawn from looking at how confident certain body positive activists are difficult to deal with. It’s all about finding what works for you.

Wear Clothes That Push You Out Of Your Comfort Zone – For the longest time I believed I couldn’t or shouldn’t wear a crop top because I didn’t (and don’t) have a flat stomach. As soon as I let go of that and actually wore one it felt amazing. Firstly because it’s adorable and secondly it’s a massive body positive win and you feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

Wear Outfits That Make You Feel Great – This is the modified/beginners version of the tip above  but also stands alone. If you’re not quite ready to push out of your comfort zone, rock those outfits that make you feel great already.

Treating yourself to new clothes (or second hand from charity shops if money is tight like me) that fit properly and look great on you instantly lifts your mood. Many of us fall into the trap of hanging on to ill-fitting clothes in the hope that they’ll fit one day but life is happening now, not at a random point in the future so finding lovely clothes for the here and now is a must.

Embrace Your Vanity – Stand in front of the mirror and list all the things you like about yourself. If you are in a really dark place and genuinely can’t see the positives in yourself at that point, list the great things that your body can DO for you. I wrote a whole post on how to deal with those negative days. You can read that here.

Ignore Other People’s Opinions – When discussing this post, Daisy put this in such an interesting way which was “other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.” Just as you wouldn’t worry about other people’s financial affairs or sex lives you have no reason to worry about their opinions of you and your body/lifestyle.

Stop Judging Other People – We’ve all done this! We’ve seen someone walking around wearing something we don’t think suits them and whether internally or externally we’ve vocalised that thought. By doing that we’re not really limiting the other person (unless you make a direct comment, don’t do that) , they’re out there doing their thing and probably rocking it, but our judgmental attitude is limiting ourselves. There is a whole post on body shaming and why it’s toxic to you and everyone around you here.

I have tried to give you some proactive things to do rather than just things not to do but the last one is very important.

If you have any other tips then please leave a comment below.

V ❤

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