First blog post – Introduction

Welcome to my very first, scary blog post. As with all new projects this is terrifying but I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started up a blog. First of all I figured I should tell you all a little bit about me for those of you who are just joining me and haven’t come across from Instagram or Twitter.

My name is Vicky, I’m 25 and currently living in Aberdeen, Scotland. (The use of the word “currently” we will come back to in a future post.) I’m massively into body positivity and continually trying to help others to embrace it also in everyday life. A few years ago I had a platform through tumblr and it was only a matter of time before I wanted to do more within the online movement again.

I found body positivity by accident a few years ago but it really resonated with me and very quickly I began my own journey. It’s hard going on your own and the support received, at first online, and then latterly through close friends, is invaluable, when we live in a society that day and night is teaching us to hate ourselves. The more of us there are putting the positive message out there, the stronger it becomes, so here I am doing my bit.

I aim to feature body positivity, food, my outlook on fitness and health plus whatever else tickles my fancy – expect the odd book review, rant about something trivial and maybe even a fangirl moment over Serena Williams.

If any of that sounds at all interesting to you then stick around. 🙂
V ❤

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